Remember when you dine at your grandma’s house? First shocked by a generous portion, then when you take a bite… you taste the homey, authentic, mild and clean taste of the slow cooked natural food- that’s how it feels like to dine at MOI.

With love of a mother, she cooks well balanced all sensorial dining experience from sizzling hot stone sound to beautiful color harmony of seasonal ingredients on bibimbap.

Serving at MOI also in Seoul, Korea since 2012, Hee wants to serve the same heartful experience in Copenhagen- natural and fermented food with the beautiful spirits of sharing culture.

Moi Korean Copenhagen origins from The Chef, Hee Kim's Moi in Seoul and is a part of The Swedish Family Dahlbergs ”Grand Hôtel Mölle”, ”Höganäs Saluhall” and ”Mölle Brandstation”